Glascote Meeting Room

Glascote Meeting Room Joint Users Committee
Conditions of Use

The attention of the Hirer is drawn to the above Conditions of Use

  1. The hiring of the Glascote Meeting Room is at the discretion of the Committee. All applications must be made on the prescribed form.

  2. Bookings will not be confirmed until the hiring form has been returned.

  3. The full cost of the hire must be paid when collecting the key. 

  4. a) Breakages or loss of property must be reported to the Secretary within 24 hours, the cost of repairs or replacement will be charged to the hirer, unless it is deemed by the Committee to be fair wear and tear. b) Where there is more than one hirer in occupation, repairs and replacements will be charged to the hirers on an apportioned basis.

  5. Without t exception, all activities to cease at l0 pm and hall to be vacated by 10.30pm.

 6. The premises must be left in a clean, safe and tidy condition, with doors and windows secured, and lights and heaters turned off. Any articles or equipment are left at owners risk. Unsold jumble must be removed on the same day and not left in outside bins.

  7. The accommodation is not licensed for the sale of alcohol, public music, singing, dancing or the presentation of dramatic work for fee-paying performance. Music should be of a background nature and all noise kept to a minimum.

  8. No bolts, nails, screws, tacks, sellotape etc. shall be driven into or fixed to any part of the premises either internally or externally, nor shall any article be fixed thereto unless with prior permission of the Committee. Notices should be pinned to the boards provided. The Committee reserve the right to remove any notice, which they do not approve of.

  9. No inflammable, explosive, dangerous or offensive articles, nor steam gas or other engine may be taken on to the premises without permission of the Committee.

 10. No animals may be admitted without the permission of the Committee. Except guide dogs.

 11. No persons under the age of 18 years will be permitted to hire the hall. Any meeting or function catering mainly for young persons under 18 years must have at least one named responsible adult in attendance.

 12. The right of entry to the hall is reserved to the Committee, the Fire Officer and any Police Officer at any time during the hiring, and the Committee reserve the right to put a stop to any function which in its opinion is not properly conducted, and that no part of the fee for that hiring shall be returned.

 13. The Committee does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage or injury sustained by the hirer or any persons participating in any function held on the premises howsoever arising or for any articles deposited in a storage room.

 14. The use of surrounding area is available, but the type of activity must be acceptable to the Committee, whose decision is final.

 15. The Committee reserves the right to cancel any function providing they give sufficient notice.

Last modified Nov 2010